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Learn IVF.com provides training in all aspects of assisted reproduction from basic laboratory sciences, through clinical procedures, to the design and implementation of a new IVF centre. Venues are in Naples and London and our team leaders are all pioneers in the field. The courses are both theoretical and practical, however the emphasis is on hands-on to improve the skills of participants, whether beginners or established professionals.

CFA, founded and directed by Professor Brian Dale, a leading British Reproductive Scientist, is the largest IVF centre in Italy.

Career development

Whatever your level of competence or profession we provide tailor made courses to improve your skills and success rates in assisted reproductive technologies. Both clinicians and embryologists will receive intensive hands on experience with patients and human gametes and work side by side with our resident teams to reach the level of competence desired. These in house fellowships are from 3-12 months long and will be the stepping stone for your career. We have trained personnel from India, the Middle East and from all over Europe and the Americas.

In-Vitro Fertilization - Author Prof. Brian Dale

In-Vitro Fertilization - Author Prof. Brian Dale


In addition to hundreds of scientific publications with collaborators from all over the world, Prof. Dale has published several editions of this particular book, in Russian, ...

Oxidative stress and female fertility

Oxidative stress and female fertility

Alterazioni nel micro-ambiente ovocitario possono influenzare negativamente lo sviluppo embrionale. La qualità ovocitaria, che influenza la successiva vitalità ...

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At LearnIVF.com our intention is to provide the most advanced and up to date training in the practical application of IVF science. Our main centre is fully equipped with the latest technology. The training course leaders are amongst the most renowned embryologists, andrologists, biologists, reproductive endocrinologists and other experts in assisted reproductive techniques. Dr. Brian Dale Brian Dale graduated in Biology from the University of Manchester, U.K and later received his Ph.D. and subsequently his D.Sc. for his contribution to the understanding of basic processes in ...

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