Autocad 2D Intermediate

Course contents:

The course includes theory, practical examples for the student to do during the course, correct procedures and one to one training for the student.

  • Navigation of the Autocad 2D Intermediate User Interface
  • Drawing 2D Objects
  • Editing objects
  • Styles and settings
  • Creating tables
  • Plotting
  • Multilayers
  • Blocks and attributes
  • Layer management and best practice
  • Layouts and views
  • Introduction to sheet sets
  • Exam (one hour multiple choice)
Training includes:
  • Discussions
  • Hands-on training sessions
  • Lectures and multimedia presentations
Additional materials:Each student will receive
  • A Learnivf course notebook
  • World Health Organisation (WHO) Laboratory manual
  • Complimentary publications
  • Discounts on further courses
  • Free registration to our Jobseekers website
Evaluation of Delegate:

The course concludes with a short exam of multiple choice questions covering techniques.

Course attendance certificates

A certificate will be presented to all delegates who successfully complete the course.

Course duration:

Two days. The delegates will receive a two day course of 8 hours per day.

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