Advanced course in Human oocytes, embryo and ovarian tissue vitrification

Advanced course in Human oocytes, embryo and ovarian tissue vitrification


20-21 April 2020, Naples Italy

The Advanced Embryologist Training Program provides hand-on training for Clinicians and Biologist, that are interested in acquiring improved skills and understanding of theoretical and practical aspects of Clinical Embryology practice. This course covers both basic and advanced principles and techniques used in clinical embryology and andrology / IVF lab. The course is delivered one to one or in small groups this ensures that our experts, led by the Prof. Riccardo Talevi and Brian Dale, can provide the best education to each student.

Course dates:
Two days intensive practical and clinical training (open dates in March 2020) (IVF red, University of Naples, Italy and IVF clinic )
Supported by:
University of Naples "Federico II", Italy
CFA IVF clinic
Course highlights:
Fundamental & Clinical aspects of Reproductive BioMedicine and IVF technology
Live demonstration/hands-on training in various clinical and laboratory techniques
Interactive small group discussions
Course evaluation by renowned university professors.
This program is intended for:
Specialist Practitioners and experienced / Senior Scientific Staff working in public or private
Hospital laboratory or Embryology Laboratories
Biomedical Scientists
Clinical Scientists
Biologist interested in developing skills in Embryology
Prof Riccardo Talevi, Italy
Prof Brian Dale, Italy
Prof. Roberto Gualtieri Italy
Dr. Lodovico Parmeggiani Italy
Dr. Giuseppe Mondrone Italy
Dr. Vincenza Barbato Italy
Dr. Valentina Costanzo Italy
Dr. Romualdo Sciorio Edinburgh Scotland
Course fee*:
The cost of the course is 1200 Euro.
This price includes:
• Practical and theoretical courses
• Course biological material
• Course disposables
• Course booklet
• Breakfast and lunches for the time of the course
*course fee excludes travel, accommodation and visa expenses

Each participant will receive:
Certificate of Training (issued upon successful assessment by the instructor) and Grading Report

The aim of the course is to provide a theoretical and practical study of a technique that has assumed a fundamental role in the field of assisted reproduction: the cryopreservation of oocytes, embryos and ovarian tissue. The different strategies of cryopreservation and their applications that currently allows preserving supernumerary embryos and allow female fertility preservation will be analyzed. The course is focused on the central role that embryonic cryopreservation is playing today in the clinical embryology laboratory and in the assisted reproduction field. In fact, thanks to the high efficiency of the current vitrification methods, which allow an almost total recovery of the cryopreserved embryos,
a new operational strategy has been developed, called "freeze-all strategy". This allows increasing the pregnancy rates postponing the transfer of cryopreserved embryos in a successive cycle where respect to the stimulation cycle is possible to develop a better endometrial receptivity.

Daycourse objectives in the PDF

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